Friday, September 16, 2011

almost a month in... loving it :)

Tommorrow will be my one month anniversary of being here at disney :) It's been great so far and I love being able to make a kids day just by complementing their dress or outfit or by giving them a sticker or sherriff badge. Or even making an adult's day because you danced with them during a street show. Long hours , i have to confess, does hurt like crazy  when it comes to ur feet but its so worth it. Now i will post pictures of my costumes. The first is my breaker, which i wear if im training... this costume allows me to go to multiple lands without worrying.

My second costume is for Fronteirland. This is the first land I have been trained in. I work in 4 locations here. Outpost which serves chicken nuggests and flatbreads (closed now but open for halloween parties), Westward Ho  which has frozen lemonade and corn dogs (i love people who end up getting a corn dog for the first time),  Turkey Cart (most popular cart in fronteirland, people love taking photos with the huge turkey leg), and Churro/Pretzel Cart (right now we are serving mickey faced pretzels... during the halloween parties they have purple salt on them)

The third costume is for the halloween parties that we are beginning to have this month until november. All guests could come dressed up and i love seeing all the family themed outfits. My favorite was a guy dressed up as Jack Sparrow and he had the whole outfit perfect including the make-up. I loved it! I watch everyday when I can and hope I get to see Jack Sparrow with a hat. (Not telling now why) if you know they you know why'd im dying to see the hat :) and who of course is under it lol.....

And yes... there is a bat on my head. LOL

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Another day off... Can't believe it's September already!

I feel like i just got here to Disney and it's already Septmeber 1st. lol. Just starting work officially off training :) "earned my ears" kinda. Not really gonna post much today, just wanted to say that I've enjoyed my time here even though the buses could use soooo much improvment on their times lol. Also watching the hurricane , not used to worrying about hurricanes when they're so far out lol. Well, Heer are some pictures from my days off and my check in day :)

Taking pics of myself lol

Waiting to fill out more paperwork

On the bus to Casting.

Hollywood Studios!!


The picture of my family on the "Leave a Legacy" wall @ Epcot